Our Environment Policy

We, İnci Akü, undertake to provide solution on timely basis for each complaint we have received, contribute to the customer satisfaction and constant development of the quality of product/service to build long term relations with the customers by taking into account the applicable legislation and economic conditions through involvement of all our employees and stakeholders basing on the following principles.

  • Transparency: You may inform us about any questions, requests, satisfaction and complaints concerning our products and/or services.
  • Accessibility: You may use our Customer Hot Line +90 (236) 233 45 38 and websites www.inciaku.com www.easaku.com and www.hugelaku.com for your applications.
  • Responsiveness: After your applications are recorded by the Customer Services, you are contacted with a registration number assigned to you by SMS, e-mail or telephone.
  • Objectivity: All applications are considered fairly, impartially and without any prejudice.
  • Wage: Evaluation process of the applications is free of charge for the applicants.
  • Confidentiality: Personal information disclosed by the applicant is not shared with any department and/or organization basing on our confidentiality principle.
  • Customer Orientation: : We give due attention to provide feasible solutions to the satisfaction of our customers, meet their expectations and protect their rights in accordance with the corporate policies and legal regulations.
  • Accountability: The applications received are recorded and the decisions together with their reasons are forwarded to the applicants.
  • Constant Improvement: We deal with the points open to improvement in the process of handling the applications with a view of better managing the process on basis of constant improvement philosophy.
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