Blue Sea Free Caretta


Muğla,Dalyan is one of 15 Special Environment Protection Zones in Turkey. This area has a rich biodiversity and a sensitive ecosystem. With its 7 lakes connecting the sea naturally , its unique İztuzu beach; Caretta Carettas; Nile Turtles and Blue Crabs, Dalyan is a natural miracle. It is one of the most valuable assets of Turkey with its antique ruins such as rock tombs and Ancient city of Kaunos.

Thanks to Caretta Boats, Dalyan water will remain clean forever!

This unique feature of Dalyan is rewarded in the tourism as well. This area has been visited by about 1 million tourists in 2011, 75% of which are the foreigners. Most of the visitors that desire to view these unique beauties use tour boats in the channel. There are 491 registered diesel-fueled tour boats in the channel and about 600 boats take a cruise per day in the summer time. A means of livelihood for the local people as well, these boat tours should be conducted without giving damage to the fragile ecologic balance and natural beauty of the environment and it is inevitable for a sustainable local tourism in Dalyan. Although considerable joint operations have been performed by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, Local Municipality, Boat Cooperative and the owners of private boats, a project has been developed as intended to be a radical solution to keep Dalyan water completely clean and free of engine noise: Blue Sea Free Caretta project.

After 4 years of dedicated R&D studies, environment friendly boats are enhanced with special batteries that are produced by İnci Akü, technology sponsor of the project and advanced engines. Developed with the expectations and demands of the boat operators, Caretta Boats are now sailing in the delta of Dalyan.

Caretta Boats do not cause exhaust gas or any other emission and bilge leakage. Moreover, they are much more quiet…

  • R&D studies have been completed in 4 years. “Electric Motor Driving System Powered by Battery” has been developed which has performance equal to that of diesel engines and reduced fuel costs up to 10 times and patented by İnci Akü.
  • Till 2011, 2 boats were converted to Caretta Boats.
  • A fund was reserved for project development and preliminary communication. A documentary and a short introductory film were shooted.
  • To ensure public participation and sensitivity, a launch and press meeting was held in Dalyan in July 15-17, 2011.
  • A project group and sponsorship structure were organized to make conversion of all boats possible in economic and social terms.
  • In 2012, further 4 boats owned by a private tourism company were converted to Caretta Boats and launched in Dalyan.
  • 2013- As part of Blue Sea Free Caretta Project and with the support of eco-friendly sponsors/firms we would like to finish the conversion of minimum 10 boats.
  • 2016- For a sustainable tourism in Dalyan region, with the support of eco-friendly sponsors, to convert all tour boats into Caretta Boats.
  • To convert all tour boats in Dalyan to Caretta Boats by the end of 2016.
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